The technology of OPTONIKS is based on the patents that are developed at the Center for Precision Metrology and the Center for Optoelectronics and optical Communications, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

In the field of 3D profilometry, the OPTONIKS’ 3D night vision technology offers the ability to obtain detailed features of an object under low and even no light conditions. The technology captures the 3D structure of the object, regardless of its heat distribution and can identify objects and faces in dark environment.

Spectral imaging is another technology that OPTONIKS has licensed from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, which was developed by the founder of the company while he was with the Optics Center and the Center for Precision Metrology. The platform nature of the technology allows OPTONIKS to develop unique solutions for many applications, including medical diagnosis, forensic evidence recovery, food inspections and many others.

OPTONIKS’ thickness measurement is another technology which applies to rough surfaces and scattering materials. Our novel noise reduction technology will allow accurate measurement from interference images with significant speckle and scattering noise.

OPTONIKS provides solutions in the field of optical sensors. OPTONIKS works closely with customers and offers optical sensor based solutions designed and tailored specifically for customers’ needs. We think designing a custom-based solution is a more efficient way than force-fitting an existing solution to a problem.


OPTONIKS delivers customized solutions based on the needs of the industry in the field of optical metrology.

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